February 7, 2024

Re-introduction of Storgard in India in 2024: In January 2024, Giridhar Pai Associates LLP re-introduced United States of America’s Trece, Inc.’s Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems in India to benefit Indian food businesses. 

Storgard Dome Traps’ impressive features: Storgard Dome Traps are an exceptional tool for managing stored product beetle monitoring, and they are considered extraordinary because of their impressive features.

These traps are highly versatile and use species-specific pheromone lures and non-specific kairomone or food attractant oil to attract and monitor up to three different stored product beetles in one trap.

Ten reasons that make Storgard Dome Traps the world’s best: Here are ten reasons why Storgard Dome Traps are the world’s most popular stored beetle monitoring tools:

1. Economical: Storgard Dome Traps are an economical solution to stored-product insect pest management, detecting the presence and level of SIPs in a monitored space. Users can save on trap costs by periodically replacing only pheromone lures and kairomone attractants after purchasing the Storgard Dome Trap kits.

2. Environment-friendly: As they do not use toxic chemicals or generate hazardous waste, Storgard Dome Traps are an environmentally friendly tool in SIP management. They limit the use of chemical pesticides, including fumigants, by providing an early warning system for pest presence.

3. Efficient: Storgard Dome Traps provide a quick and accurate assessment of the target SIP population without requiring product or spatial inspection. Their easy deployment and weekly monitoring help save time and effort for stored pest monitoring.

4. Effortless: Anyone can use Storgard Dome Traps to monitor SIPs regularly as these traps require little effort to use or operate, making them easy to adopt.

5. Enduring: Storgard Dome Traps are built to last and can withstand wear and tear. They can be used for years with only a change of pheromone lures and kairomone food attractant oil, and periodic maintenance by soap water wash is all they need to remove residues and debris accumulated in the pitfall.

6. Ergonomic: Storgard Dome Traps’ design allows them to fit comfortably and naturally in the monitored space for SIPs. They can be placed inside pallets, on ledges, or below shelves to monitor stored product beetles unobtrusively.

7. Exquisite: Storgard Dome Traps have an exceptional design that attracts and traps beetle SIPs. The beetles attracted to them can crawl up the reservoir’s outer walls but can’t escape as the reservoir’s inner walls are smooth.

8. Expandable: As the number of Storgard Dome Traps monitoring SIPs can be adapted or modified to meet changing needs, they are stackable and can be stored in minimal space. Their easy deployment using pheromone lures and kairomone food attractants allows for quick adaptability.

9. Exceptional: Storgard Dome Traps stand out by far exceeding user expectations and are the world’s most popular stored beetle monitoring tools because of their effectiveness in attracting and trapping beetle SIPs.

10. Extensive: The Storgard Dome Traps cover the most common stored beetle pests as they are used in conjunction with pheromone lures specific to Cigarette Beetle (CB), Confused or Red Flour Beetle (CFB/RFB), Khapra and Warehouse Beetle (KB/WB), Lesser Grain Borer (LGB), Larger Grain Borer (LRGB), Saw-toothed Grain Beetle (STGB), and Merchant Grain Beetle (MGB). The range of Storgard Pheromone lures for beetle pests allows food businesses to monitor all such pests common to their segments.

Storgard Dome Traps Kits and Beetle Pheromone Lures have been used in India for more than three decades by the Indian food industry and have become India’s ‘gold standard’ of stored beetle pest monitoring devices due to their excellent beetle-catching ability.

After a few years of their unavailability in India during 2017-2023, Giridhar Pai Associates LLP re-introduced Trece Inc.’s Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems in January 2024.

Indian consumers can now be confident that their favorite food brands are monitoring the product’s supply chain through Storgard Dome Traps for the presence of Cigarette Beetles, Confused or Red Flour Beetles, Khapra and Warehouse Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Larger Grain Borer, Saw-toothed Grain Beetles, and Merchant Grain Beetles.

With numerous food industry segments, including spice processors, wheat millers, rice millers, and chocolate manufacturers, enthusiastically welcoming the re-availability of Storgard Dome Traps in India, it’s time for your business to make the switch and experience the benefits of these extraordinary stored product beetle monitoring tools.

If you are an Indian food or pest control industry professional seeking more information on the Storgard Dome Traps for stored beetle pests, contact us for assistance.

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