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Giridhar Pai Associates LLP - Innovative Pest Management Solutions

As India’s leading source for innovative pest management products, we exclusively represent three international brands in India.

We supply Indian users with unique pest prevention and monitoring tools.

In 2020, we launched Pestroniks Innovations of Singapore’s FLYght UV LED Insect Light Trap (ILT) that relies on ultraviolet light and the patented bio-Visual Enhancer (VE) + coating to attract and trap filth flies effectively.  We currently market the FLYght One in powder coated mild steel and FLYght Duo ILTs in aluminum.

In 2021, we introduced Pestroniks and Asiatic Specialty Products (ASP) of Singapore’s AedesX Smart Gravitrap for managing Aedes mosquitoes.  This patented product attracts female adult Aedes mosquitoes to lay their eggs in the water inside the trap, after which it kills the larvae that emerge from the eggs, using negative photo-taxis.

In 2022, we followed up our three product launches in the previous two years by bringing Denmark’s Rodexit rodent proofing strip to India.  Rodexit, a Santoprene polymer strip containing ten stainless steel wires, is an effective rodent barrier on doors, shutters, and other gaps.

In 2023, we popularised the RodeXit rodent seal across India and achieved the milestone of cumulatively selling 500 metres of it.  A distributor helped us establish the equipment and tools for installing the RodeXit rodent seal on doors and shutters in India.  We created  videos on the features and use of FLYght UV LED Insect Light Traps and the RodeXit rodent seal for our YouTube channel.

We keep scouting the globe for new innovative and effective pest management products that help you manage pests without relying on chemical pesticides.  Our distributors across India efficiently supply products we market to end-users.

We thank you for visiting our website and suggest that you look around to learn more about pests, pest management principles, and our product range.

Our Products

FLYght Traps

Compact, lightweight, sturdy UV LED Insect Light Traps with a bio-Visual Enhancer (VE)+ coating for effective and efficient fly monitoring.

AedesX Smart Gravitrap

A patented mosquito gravitrap to manage disease transmitting Aedes mosquitoes.

RodeXit Proofing Strip

Easy to install, durable and cost effective rodent proofing strip with stainless steel wires.

Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems

Early warning system to monitor stored product insect pests in the food supply chain

Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems

Early warning system to monitor stored product insect pests in the food supply chain

Fuji Flavors Ecomone

Ecomone pheromone traps and lures for monitoring stored product pests

If Houseflies Are Bothering You,
Despair Not.

We have solutions to reduce houseflies at your home and business.

House flies

Housefly (Musca domestica) presence indicates insanitary conditions and this common pest spreads dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, and salmonellosis.

Flies use their sponging mouth parts to suck liquids thar their saliva generates from solid food. When flies land on a surface they defecate and regurgitate on it. Flies can land on food after visiting unhygienic places and spread disease pathogens through food. Flies have spurs or hairs that are convenient perch to disease causing bacteria.


Public health importance: Mosquitoes are flying insects of the insect order Diptera and family Culicidae. Their public health importance arises from the habit of female mosquitoes sucking human blood to collect iron and proteins before egg-laying. While feeding on people for blood, female mosquitoes spread diseases such as dengue, filariasis, malaria, yellow fever, and Zika fever.

Feeding and disease transmission: While male mosquitoes feed exclusively on plants, female mosquitoes suck plant juices and nectar and depend on the human blood they need before laying their eggs. Malarial transmission happens by the movement of the causal parasite from the gut of a female Anopheles mosquito when she is feeding on a human host.


Economic importance of rodent pests: Among rodents, the key pests, mice, and rats damage food and property and spread diseases. Their habit of gnawing objects gives the animal order, Rodentia, its name. In Latin, ‘roder’ means to gnaw. Mice are also the cause of numerous fires by their incessant gnawing of electrical cables. Pest rodents are a serious concern in all countries as their physical attributes, habits, behavior, and adaptability have made them the most successful mammal on earth.

Not all rodents are pests: Among the one thousand seven hundred species of rodents, only one hundred fifty show pest-like behavior, only about twenty are of economic significance. The most common rodent pests are the house mouse, the roof rat, and the sewer rat.

Stored Product Insect Pests

The economic impact of Stored Product Insect Pests:  Stored-product insect pests (SIPs) are a significant economic threat, causing vast losses in agricultural commodities and processed food products worldwide. SIPs are tiny invaders that can wreak havoc on food security, impacting producers and consumers. SIPs cause losses in food product Quantity and Quality by the following actions.

Direct Consumption:  SIPs directly consume stored products, leading to quantitative losses. Estimates suggest they devour 5-10% of global grain production annually. SIP consumption of food products translates to millions of tons of food lost, contributing to food scarcity and hunger.

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