The SPP Diamond Trapp

SPP Diamond Trapp – India’s first stored product pest moth trap

  • In April 2024, Gumtree Traps Private Limited (Gumtree Traps), India’s leading glue-based trap manufacturer, launched their SPP Diamond Trapp to monitor stored product pest moths.
  • The SPP Diamond Trapp attracts and traps male almond moths (Cadra cautella), raisin moths (Cadra figulilella) and warehouse moths (Ephestia elutella) when used with an appropriate pheromone lure.
  • Giridhar Pai Associates LLP is the distributor of Gumtree Traps’ SPP Diamond Trapp.

SPP Diamond Trapp Benefits


  • The SPP Diamond Trapp is a glue-based, environment-friendly product.


  • The SPP Diamond Trapp is a ready-to-use product in combination with appropriate pheromone lures of stored product moth pests.


  • The SPP Diamond Trapp can be used in warehouses, retail stores, pantries, and processing areas to monitor stored product moth pest populations.


  • The SPP Diamond Trapp is effective over two months or as long as the pheromone lures attract stored product moth pests.


  • In combination with pheromone lures, the SPP Diamond Trapp is highly effective in trapping SPP moths, even in low pest populations.


  • Using pheromone lures in SPP Diamond Trapps is inexpensive for monitoring stored product moth pests like almond moths.


  • The SPP Diamond Trapp is a compact device that users can place in any structure with limited space.

SPP Diamond Trapp Specification

Stored product moth pests
Parameter Measurement in units or type
Colour White, Green & Yellow
Size 26.5 cm X 18 cm X 2
Adhesive surface 46 cm X 16 cm
Trap Weight 58 gm (+/-3 gm)
Material Paperboard and glue
Glue Weight 7 gm

SPP Diamond Trapp use instructions:

    • Unfold the trap and remove the release paper from both sides of the trap.
    • Securely fold the side flaps along the crease line provided, creating a diamond-shaped trap.
    • Position the pheromone lure at the centre of the trap and hang the trap using the strings provided with the trap.
    • Check traps weekly to record the moth catches in the table provided outside the trap.
    • The trap can be counted twice weekly if you suspect product infestation. Even daily counting may be required in an extensive pest infestation outbreak.
    • Install the traps at a height of 1.5 metres from the floor and maintain an interval of 15-20 metres between the two traps. The traps must form a grid to cover the entire space being monitored for stored product moth pests.
    • Place SPP Diamond Trapps strategically where moth activity is most likely, such as warehouses or other dark and undisturbed spaces where stored product pest moths may breed or occur.
    • Replace the SPP Diamond trapp and store the product moth pest pheromone lure every eight weeks with a fresh set.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems

The SPP Diamond Trapp is suitable for various food companies, including those that process dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, grains, spices, pet foods and other dry processed foods.

No, you cannot attract stored product moth pests using only the SPP Diamond Trapp. You will need a pheromone like the Storgard IMM+4 lure to attract almond moths.
SPP Diamond Trapps with pheromone lures are monitoring tools that detect the presence of almond moths. You can control the almond moths through inventory management, product quality checking, disposal of almond moth-infested products, pesticide sprays and fumigation or heat treatment.
Pheromone traps monitor only male almond moths. Thus, they can only indicate the likely population. Further, they do not indicate the level of the almond moth larvae which damage food products.
Giridhar Pai Associates supplies SPP Diamond Traps in packs of 25 traps all over India, by itself and through its network of distributors in India.
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