May 29, 2024

Trece, Inc.(Trece) of the United States of America is a leading global supplier of the Storgard stored product pest (SPP) monitoring systems.

Giridhar Pai Associates LLP (GPAL) has been the sole authorized distributor of Trece’s Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems in India since January 2024.

With their business connections across Asia, GPAL also exported Storgard products to a customer in the Middle East in April 2024.

Trece products available in India through GPAL : Trece’s Storgard traps, pheromone lures and kairomone lures have been available with Giridhar Pai Associates LLP since January 2024 to monitor a range of SPP beetles and moths found commonly in the Indian food industry supply chains.

Storgard SPP Beetle Dome Traps : The Trece Storgard Dome Trap is a durable, space-saving, easy-to-use, effective, and low-cost tool to monitor stored product beetles and is globally very popular for monitoring SPP beetles. 

The Storgard Dome Trap is also India’s leading SPP beetle monitoring trap. Indian food industry customers who have used the Storgard Dome Trap do not switch to alternatives due to the tool’s simplicity, ease of use and effectiveness.

Storgard SPP Beetle Quick Change Dome Traps: Trece has recently introduced the Quick Change (QC) Dome, which is faster to use as it comprises the trap and lure trays containing pheromone and the kairomone food attractant oil.

Storgard QC Dome With Lure Tray (Image credit: Trece, Inc., United States of America)

Trece is expecting a major shift of Dome Trap customers to the QC Dome as the latter product offers faster insect monitoring with no change in product cost.  Customers only need to change the lure tray containing the pheromone and the kairomone oil, so the QC Dome offers faster beetle monitoring than the regular Dome Trap.

In the case of the regular Dome Traps, users must replace the lure and regularly add the kairomone food attractant oil.

Storgard SPP beetle pheromones and kairomones: In India, Storgard SPP beetle pheromones are available for monitoring: Cigarette Beetles (CB), Confused Flour Beetles, Red Flour Beetles, Warehouse Beetles, Khapra Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers and Larger Grain Borers. 

Storgard SPP kairomones (food attractants) are available to monitor saw-toothed grain beetles and merchant grain beetles. 

The Storgard Cigarette Beetle Kairomone lure attracts female cigarette beetles and enhances the effectiveness of the Dome Trap as the pheromone lure attracts only male cigarette beetles.

GPAL recommends Indian Dome Trap users switch from the CB to the CB+K lure to benefit from the ability of the pheromone and kairomone combination to attract male and female cigarette beetles. 

Though Storgard Beetle pheromones are commonly used in Dome Traps, the Storgard range includes other trap types to monitor SPP Beetles, including the Thinline, Thinline III, KB Wall Trap and Storgard II traps.   As the demand for those traps is low, GPAL requires advance orders to import those traps from Trece’s Adair factory in Oklahoma in the United States of America.

Storgard SPP moth pheromones: Storgard SPP moth pheromones are available for monitoring Almond Moths, Raisin Moths, Tobacco Moths, Month with Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Webbing Clothes Moths, Angoumois Grain Moths, European Grain Moths, and Case making Clothes Moths.

The Storgard IMM+4 monitors the Indian Meal Moth and four other moths: Mediterranean Flour Moths, Almond Moths, Raisin Moths, and Tobacco Moths.

The Storgard IMM+4 pheromone lure is India’s most popular SPP moth pheromone. It is used extensively to monitor almond moths in spice, chocolate, cake, biscuits, and other dry food factories across India.

Storgard SPP moth traps : The Storgard SPP Moth trap range includes the Storgard II, Storgard III, and Pherocon 1C traps, which are available with GPAL only through advance orders.

Trece’s Innovations in SPP monitoring : Trece has launched the Ultra-combi QC Dome Trap, which can monitor Cigarette Beetles, Confused and Red Flour Beetles, Warehouse and Khapra Beetles, other beetles like Drugstore Beetles, Rusty Grain Beetles, Granary Weevils, Maize Weevils, Rice Weevils, Red-legged Ham Beetles, and Saw-toothed Grain Beetles.  

Using only one QC Dome Trap with the Ulta-combi pheromone lure, Indian users can monitor twelve different SPP beetle species.  GPAL expects the rapid adoption of the Ultra Combi QC Dome Trap in India when the Indian food industry discovers the amazing benefit of one trap monitoring multiple SPP beetles.

The Ultra-combi QC Dome is a space and money saver as users can monitor multiple SPP beetles using one trap. The Ultra Combi QC Moth and Beetle Trap is another Trece innovation that combines SPP moth and beetle monitoring in one trap.  As the Ultra-combi QC Moth and Beetle pheromone targets flying insects, only SPPs that fly are targets of the trap. 

The Storgard Ultra Combi QC Moth and Beetle Trap monitors Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Almond Moths, Raisin Moths, Tobacco Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Warehouse and Khapra Beetles.

Numerous Indian customers have separate Dome Traps for monitoring Cigarette Beetles and Almond Moths.  Such customers can combine their pheromone traps for both those pests and switch to the Storgard Ultra Combi QC Moth and Beetle Trap.

Adding kairomone food attractant oil to a Storgard Dome.  On the right is the Dome with a beetle pheromone lure.  At the centre are absorbent pads for the Kairomone oil.  Image credit: Trece, Inc., United States of America

SPP Monitoring by the Indian Food Industry : The Indian Food industry has been monitoring SPPs for the past three decades.  India’s leading spice exporter, AVT McCormick Ingredients Limited, started monitoring SPPs at its warehouses in 1995 and continues that pheromone trap monitoring programme. 

Numerous other food industries, including spice processors, biscuit manufacturers, dehydrated onion exporters, cake manufacturers, dry fruit processors, cashew processors, pet food manufacturers, and a range of other dry food product companies, have adopted Storgard pheromone traps and lures for SPP monitoring.

How can GPAL help you in your pheromone monitoring programme? With their vast experience in SPP pheromone monitoring, the GPAL team can guide you to determine the stored product pests at your facilities, the appropriate traps and pheromone lures to purchase, and the periodic pheromone lure replenishment in traps.

Through its pan-India distributor network, GPAL can connect its customers to a local pest control operator (PCO) offering stored product insect monitoring services.  GPAL’s distributors are PCOs who offer pest management services to monitor and control stored product pests.

Contact us to share your stored product pest monitoring requirements, and we shall gladly assist you with our recommendations for the appropriate Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems for your business.

Our Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems page has all information on the products and their use.

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