May 20, 2024

Attention all Storgard customers in India and Asia!

Prepare to be amazed by the latest announcement from Giridhar Pai Associates LLP (GPAL).

We are thrilled to inform you that we re-initiated the supply of Storgard Insect Monitoring systems in India by becoming Trece Inc.’s authorised distributor in December 2023 and re-starting the sale of those products in January 2024.

After it became unavailable, we received the first consignment of Storgard products on 18 January 2024.  We have been shipping them to customers across India through our pan-India distributor network.

GPAL carefully chose the Storgard products to import, including Dome Master PCO Kits for Cigarette Beetles (CB) and Confused / Red Flour Beetles (CFB/RFB) and pheromone lure kits for CB, CFB/RFB, Khapra Beetles / Warehouse Beetles (KB/WB) and Indian Meal Moths (IMM+4).

Based on its experience with the Storgard product range, GPAL imported the products most used by Indian customers and chose the bulk packs to minimise international and local freight costs.

Indian customers have appreciated GPAL’s initiative in importing bulk Storgard packs, making them easier and more economical to order and handle.

Currently, GPAL has CB and CFB/RFB Dome Master PCO Kits, including 25 Dome traps, 25 pheromone lures, and five kairomone attractant oil vials. 

GPAL also has a stock of CB, CFB/RFB, KB/WB and IMM+4 Pheromone Lure kits of 25 pheromone lures.  The IMM+4 pheromone lure is effective for monitoring the Indian Meal Moth (IMM) and almond moth (ALM), raisin moth (RSM), Mediterranean flour month (MFM) and Tobacco Moth (TBM). 

GPAL imported a second Storgard consignment in March 2024 to meet the increasing customer demand and is receiving its third Storgard consignment in May 2024.

GPAL understands that Storgard is a popular choice of Indian customers for monitoring common stored product pests,including CB, CFB/RFB, KB/WB, IMM, ALM, RSM, MFM and TFM.

GPALis in regular contact with Indian Storgard users to understand their requirements and guide them on the products best suited for their use.

But that’s not all.  GPAL has some exciting news about Storgard’s innovative use cases in India.

One Indian exporter uses Storgard pheromone lures and the kairomone food attractant in their shipment containers to establish the absence of the target pest, cigarette beetle, in the export consignment.

An Indian importer uses Storgard pheromone traps and lures to establish the absence of their target pest, the confused/red flour beetle, in their import consignment.

Spice processors, chocolate manufacturers, vegetable dehydration units, packaging companies, bakery units, and food supplement manufacturers are regular Storgard users choosing the Storgard Dome trap and pheromone lures.

Chocolate manufacturers and cake-baking units have found the Storgard IMM+4 lure useful for monitoring almond month presence and populations at their manufacturing and storage facilities.

At Gujarat, onion dehydration units prefer the Storgard IMM+4 lure to monitor almond moth populations and comply with customer and food safety audit requirements.

Storgard is the gold and standard of SPP pheromone monitoring, and GPALis proud to be its leading supplier in India and Asia.   GPAL exported its first Storgard consignment to a country in Middle East Asia where a leading flour miller regularly uses Storgard CB, CFB/RFB, KB/WB and Almond moth pheromone traps and lures.

Based on the initial Indian customer feedback, GPAL is importing the Storgard Dome Rebait lure kit, which consists of 5 pheromone lures and one kairomone oil attractant vial.  The Storgard Dome Rebait Lure Kits for CB and CFB/RFB will be available in India starting July 2024.

Simultaneously, GPAL has begun Indian customer education about stored product pest monitoring using Storgard Insect Monitoring Systems. 

GPAL’s director Giridhar Pai started the Cadra Chronicles – 2024 series on LinkedIn on 4 March 2024 through the first article, The Cadra Chronicles – 2024: When Worms in Chocolate, made news headlines over two decades since 2003

He completed the twelve-part series on 18 May 2024 through the article: Going Beyond Food Quality and Safety Programs for managing Almond moth infestation in food products.

The Cadra Chronicles – 2024 is the most comprehensive dossier of information about the widespread food industry pest, the almond moth (Cadra cautella).  Giridhar Pai has shared his knowledge of SPP management using the almond moth as an example. 

Using his three decades of SPP pheromone monitoring experience, he is guiding Indian pest control and food industries on adopting pheromone traps for SPP monitoring.

Through user education and creating more awareness of SPP pheromone monitoring, we will ensure that we soon reach the milestone of shipping our 100th Storgard kit to an Indian customer.

So, as a food manufacturer, if you want to stay ahead of SPP control and keep your stored products free of insects, choose Storgard – the ultimate solution for all your SPP monitoring needs!

Contact us for free guidance on the Storgard pheromone traps and lures to choose for your food factory.

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