March 29, 2022

India becomes the second country where the RodeXit rodent proofing strip is available

This week, after receiving our first RodeXit All-In-One (AIO) seal from RodeXit North America ApS, India thus became the second country where this amazing rodent proofing material is now available. RodeXit is now available only in the USA and India.

India is also one of the first countries where RodeXit’s AIO seal is available.  Its manufacturer introduced this latest variant early in 2022 to follow the first two product versions of the wave and straight proofing strips. 

With the arrival of RodeXit AIO into the country, Indian customers now have a simple and easy-to-use rodent proofing material for use to prevent rodent entry into their facilities.  Through careful market analysis and planning, GPAL has ensured that the product pricing is highly affordable and leads to widespread adoption of the product in India.

We are proud to associate with RodeXit, whose vision and mission are as follows:

Vision: Our vision is to minimize the colossal losses suffered by individuals, enterprises, and society due to rodent intrusion in buildings and public facilities.

Mission: Our mission is to develop, produce and sell effective and fast, and easy to mount rodent proofing devices and thereby to revolutionize the art of rodent proofing.

Bjørn von Ryberg and Claus Frimand invented and developed the RodeXit seals in Denmark.

The RodeXit Name and Logo: “RodeXit” is a contraction of the two words “rodent” and “exit.”  The underscore line in the logo is the cross-section of the RodeXit rodent proofing strip – showing the ten solid stainless-steel wires as ten white dots.  The green color in the logo symbolizes that the proofing strip is an ecofriendly and non-toxic solution to rodents.

We shall soon be sharing RodeXit AIO product samples among our distributors so that they can install the proofing strip at their customers’ facilities to establish the product’s ease of installation and efficacy.  In addition, we shall be producing product use videos that demonstrate how a person can quickly fix a RodeXit AIO on a wooden or steel door in less than half an hour. 

Our plans include an All India RodeXit Installation Challenge to find out the fastest time a PCO can provide rodent-proof structures with RodeXit.  The short time to fix it and the long time it will prevent rodent incursion make the RodeXit proofing strip a go-to product for Indian Pest Management Professionals and PCOs.

We thank Bjørn von Ryberg and Raja Mahendran for their excellent support and guidance in introducing the RodeXit AIO to the Indian market.  Both shall grace the online Indian launch of RodeXit, and we look forward to making India the leading RodeXit user in the Asian continent. 

We are excited to offer a highly innovative world-class pest management product, the RodeXit AIO, to Indian customers.

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